7 Ways the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate can help your organisation

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In the realm of adult social care, ensuring that your team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to do a great job is paramount. 

But until now, training in the adult social care setting hasn’t been uniform, with the delivery of the existing Care Certificate inconsistent in terms of content, assessment and portability between jobs, despite the foundational standards being the same. This is of course frustrating for both employers and employees, with staff often having to repeat learning from scratch when moving jobs – a time sap for them and the organisation they’re transferring to. 

That’s where the new Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification comes in. Based on the existing Care Certificate standards, this new qualification, developed by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), addresses these issues and provides a baseline standard for the care workforce, to help adult social care professionals improve skills, develop in their careers and care confidently.

And it’s not only care professionals that’ll benefit from this new qualification – it’ll provide significant advantages for organisations too. Here’s seven ways the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate can help your organisation (plus more on the qualification FuturU intends to offer). 

Are you a learner interested in gaining this qualification? Visit our Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate FAQ for learners here.

1. Enhanced quality of care

By investing in the development of your team, you can demonstrate your commitment to providing high quality care to service users. 

The Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate will equip employees with essential skills that enable your organisation to deliver more effective and compassionate support to those in need.

FuturU’s qualification covers 15 key topics and areas, including Privacy and Dignity, Nutrition and Hydration, Infection Prevention and Control, and Awareness of Learning Disabilities and Autism. 

2. Compliance

In the field of adult social care, adherence to regulations is non-negotiable. The Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate will ensure that your team is well-versed in legal requirements and industry standards. 

From understanding equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights to safeguarding adults and children, employees with this qualification will be able to contribute positively to a compliant and ethical workplace.

3. Increased confidence and overall wellbeing

Foster a sense of value among your workforce by providing opportunities for professional development. Not only will your team feel valued, but they’ll have an increased sense of confidence and competence in their roles, improving job satisfaction, reducing stress and enhancing overall wellbeing. 

A happy and motivated team is more likely to stick around, so you can expect to see increased retention rates too.

4. Simplified recruitment

When you hire an individual with a Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification, you can trust that they have a baseline understanding and knowledge of the Care Certificate standards, and that that understanding and knowledge has been assessed and assured by an independent awarding organisation.

5. Greater efficiency and effectiveness

A knowledgeable and skilled team is more equipped to handle lots of different situations efficiently and effectively. With this qualification, your employees will explore a broad range of subjects relevant to the care of individuals in an adult social care setting, resulting in smoother operations, fewer errors, and ultimately, better outcomes for the individuals under your care.

6. Competitive advantage

In a sector where reputation and trust are paramount, having a well-trained workforce sets your organisation apart from competitors. Prospective clients and their families are more likely to choose a provider with a team that holds recognised qualifications. 

By supporting your team to complete the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification, you’re demonstrating your commitment to excellence, which can positively impact your organisation’s reputation and business growth.

7. DHSC funded

£53.91 million in DHSC funding has been allocated to support 37,000 staff aged 19 and above and employed in direct adult social care roles to complete the new qualification between June 2024 and March 2025. Which means it needn’t cost you or your team a thing!

Discover FuturU’s new Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification

We’re excited to be developing one of the first Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualifications, subject to Ofqual approval. 

There’s plenty of reasons to choose FuturU as your training partner:

1. We’ve done it before

FuturU has already created more than 100 training courses for health and social care professionals, which are entirely free to access for individuals via our digital learning platform. This includes the current Care Certificate, which supports employers in the initial development of their team – over 1,500 learners have completed or are undertaking the Care Certificate through FuturU so far.

2. We’re accessible

Our digital-first approach enables learners across the country to access our on-demand training anytime and anywhere, via their phone, tablet or computer.

3. We’re story-led

All our learning is character-based and scenario-driven, which is proven to increase knowledge retention. By mimicking real-life working environments and scenarios, our learning better equips and prepares learners for the real world.

4. We offer an end-to-end experience

We intend to act as both training provider and awarding organisation, providing a seamless end-to-end experience for both learners and employers.


Interested to learn more about FuturU’s Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification? Watch back a recording of our introductory webinar for employers. 

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And don’t forget to register your interest to find out first when the programme launches.

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