About Us

The problem

Worldwide, we’re on the path to being short 10 million healthcare professionals by 2030, according to the World Health Organization. 

And those were projections before pressures and burnout from COVID led to enormous turnover among healthcare professionals.

We have a crisis on our hands. And a huge barrier to attracting and retaining staff in the industry is the cost of training and education. 

Our solution? Universal free access to healthcare education.

We want to bring more people into care, upskill and connect current healthcare professionals with one another and have a positive impact on millions of lives.

Who we are

FuturU is an industry-disrupting startup backed by the Directors of Newcross Healthcare. With more than 27 years’ experience in the healthcare recruitment sector, they set up FuturU to address the inequality in healthcare education.

“It’s totally unfair that nurses, doctors, and care professionals have to pay for their training. There is a huge demand for these careers but they pay an enormous amount for the education itself. How does that make sense for something so important?” – Stephen Pattrick

It’s for this reason that the expanding library of courses will remain free, funded by Futuru.

We’re now a growing team of UK-based educators, trainers, software engineers, product managers, content developers, assessors, and people who believe in a different approach to developing and empowering the global healthcare workforce we need in the future.