Prescription for change

Addressing the shortfall in social care staff

A roundtable discussion

Thursday 25th January | 08:45 – 11.45am
The Conduit, Covent Garden

Setting the scene

Globally, social care organisations are battling ever-increasing employee churn rates.

More people are leaving the sector than coming in, and the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan doesn’t propose any immediate solutions or feature social care workers at all.

While there are many areas of worker retention and attraction that can’t be controlled, there are vital areas that can.

Hosted by FuturU, this roundtable event is designed to bring together policymakers, industry experts and media to discuss possible solutions for changing the way we view and approach talent management in social care. 

This discussion will form the basis of our declaration for change.

About FuturU

FuturU is on a mission to empower health and social care workers to achieve their potential through universal access to free healthcare education.

FuturU uses the latest technologies to enhance learning and development opportunities for professionals, while enabling health and social care organisations to recruit and train their staff faster. FuturU is used by more than 70,000 healthcare professionals in over 20 countries worldwide.

The agenda

08h45: Arrival and refreshments

Enjoy tea, coffee and a light breakfast ahead of the main event

09h:45 Welcome and introductions

FuturU’s CEO Michael Manuccia will lead a round of introductions for all attendees

10h:00 Roundtable discussion

Led by our moderator, we’ll invite all attendees to contribute on topics including:

  • New approaches to attracting new talent into social care
  • Retaining social care workers for a positive future
  • The role of technology in driving change in the sector

11h:15 Q&A session

We’ll open the floor for additional questions

11h35 – 11h45: Event wrap up

We’ll share some key takeaways and concluding remarks

The discussion

New approaches to attracting talent into social care

How can we inspire the next generation of workers to join the sector?

With no one set path into social care, the first discussion will focus on responsible overseas recruitment and exploring the potential of bringing unpaid carers into the sector.

Retaining social care workers for a positive future

We can’t make everyone stay in the sector forever – but we should be doing more to retain as many talented and passionate individuals as possible.

Our second discussion will focus on improving retention strategies, sparking ideas on things like offering free access to social care education, establishing clear career development pathways and creating flexibility for them in a historically inflexible sector.

The role of technology in driving change in the sector

Technology can be a key enabler and driver of change.

The final discussion will look at practical ways the sector can utilise emerging technologies including AI to make learning more accessible, remove bias from worker assessments and provide much more engaging and immersive training experiences.

The venue

The roundtable will take place at The Conduit, Covent Garden, a venue with a mission of accelerating solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

The organisation shares our values of ongoing education and learning, and is focused on social, economic and environmental change. 

Immersed in a venue of significance to the sector, we hope to spark constructive conversations on the day and start creating a better path together to solve the current retention crunch in social care.