Manager Onboarding

Your onboarding journey

We are excited you’ve decided to join FuturU – I mean, it makes sense. FREE learning for your teams and FREE no-stress admin tools for you. What’s not to love!

We want to help you get started straight away so here’s a step-by-step guide to adding learners, assigning courses and reviewing progress in FuturU.

If you have any issues at all, we have real people in our support team on hand to help, their names are Kris and Lawrence. Reach out to them on email at and they’ll jump right on it.

How to add learners

This video covers how you can add learners to your FuturU platform. You’ll just need to have their name, occupation and email address to hand. Once added, you can filter learners by their occupation, and see when they last accessed the platform. Learners added to the platform will receive an email with login instructions.

How to assign courses to learners

In this video, we explain how you can easily assign courses to your learners. You can assign one or more courses to a learner or multiple learners. Once assigned, learners will receive an email to let them know.

How to edit a learner's profile

Need to edit a learner’s name, occupation or email address? It couldn’t be easier! This video covers how you can edit a learner’s profile in the FuturU platform, as well as how to remove learners. 

How to review a learner's progress

Need to check the progress a learner has made on a course, or give a learner a nudge to start a course? This video explains how you can review which courses a learner has started and completed in FuturU, as well as the ones in progress. You can also get an at a glance view of overall course progress by month and see the courses with the most enrollments.