Suicide, Alcohol and Drugs

60 min course

Course Description

Alcohol and drug abuse is very common and can affect anyone. There is a strong link between substance abuse and mental health, leading to an increased risk of suicide tendencies. We can help you understand the signs and suggest how to offer right time support. This course will help you to better understand the effects of drugs and alcohol, the abuse of them, and the link between substance abuse and mental health. This course then looks at suicide and how to support an individual contemplating suicide.

Key objectives:

  • Understand what is meant by substance abuse
  • Identify causes and effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Understand types of drugs and how they work
  • Understand types of alcohol and recommended units
  • Identify the link between substance abuse and mental health
  • Understand what suicide is
  • Identify suicide warning signs
  • Explain how you can help

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