Self Harm

90 min course

Course Description

Self harming is a rising issue throughout the UK and the wider world. Unfortunately, there is still a lot that people aren’t aware of or misunderstand. With this course, we hope to change that and empower you to spread the right information. Self-harm is a serious matter and one that requires a level of discretion and understanding. Throughout this course we’ll aim to provide you with as much information as possible around different types of self-harm, and ways to support individuals who may be doing it so that you can confidently help and manage these individuals who may need support.

Key objectives:

  • Understand what self-harm is and who it can affect
  • Know the different types of self-harm and what these look like
  • Be aware of some of the reasons individuals self-harm
  • Know some of the common triggers for self-harm
  • Recognise the part mental health plays
  • Have knowledge of the typical misunderstandings and stigmas around self-harm
  • Understand ways of supporting an individual that self-harms
  • Be aware of the warning signs of someone self-harming
  • Know the correct procedures to follow or take following a self-harm incident
  • Realise the connection between self-harm and suicide
  • Understand the different treatments and support available for individuals
  • Recognise the importance of looking after your own inner wellbeing and the difficulties you may face

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