Safeguarding Children Level 3

90 min course

Course Description

Safeguarding means promoting the welfare of children and young people, from all forms of abuse. This course will look at stepping up and understanding how to best support children in need. All healthcare professionals must have the competencies to recognise child maltreatment in order to best protect children and young people from harm. Apart from a moral and ethical duty of care, there is a legal duty to make sure children are safe and well cared for. This course covers the general competencies for all healthcare staff and offers a comprehensive look at aspects of safeguarding children.

Key objectives:

  • a) Be able to identify, drawing on professional and clinical expertise, possible signs of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or neglect including domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, grooming and exploitation to support and/or commit acts of terrorism (known as radicalisation), FGM, modern slavery, gang and electronic media abuse using a child and family-focused approach 
  • b) Understand what constitutes child maltreatment including the effects of carer/parental behaviour on children and young people 
  • c) Have an awareness or knowledge of, dependent on role, forensic procedures in child maltreatment, with specific requirements and depth of knowledge relating to role (e.g. where role involves/includes forensics teams/working alongside forensics teams) 
  • d) Know how to undertake, where appropriate, a risk and harm assessment 

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