Safeguarding and the Protection of Adults Level 3

120 min course

Course Description

Welcome to the Safeguarding adults level 3 course. Throughout this course, you will explore effective safeguarding practices, including identifying signs of abuse, engaging in person-centred approaches, understanding legal and ethical responsibilities, and collaborating within a multidisciplinary framework. By delving into real-life case studies, you will also gain the insights needed to contribute confidently to safeguarding efforts, ensuring the safety, well-being, and dignity of adults at risk.

Key objectives:

  • Be able to identify possible signs of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or neglect using a person-centred approach
  • Be able to identify adults experiencing abuse, harm or neglect who have caring responsibilities for other adults or children, and make appropriate referrals
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding, as appropriate to role, of forensic procedures in adult safeguarding and knowing how to relate these to practice in order to meet clinical and legal requirements as required
  • Where undertaking forensic examinations as part of their role, be able to demonstrate an ability to undertake forensic procedures and know how to present the findings and evidence to legal requirements
  • Be able to undertake, where appropriate, a risk and/or harm assessment
  • Know how to communicate effectively with adults at risk in particular those with mental capacity issues, learning disability or communication needs
  • Know how to contribute to, and make considered judgements about how to act to safeguard an adult at risk
  • Know how to contribute to/formulate and communicate effective care plans for adults who have been or may be subjected to abuse, harm or neglect
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the issues surrounding suspicion of adult abuse, harm and neglect and to know how to effectively manage uncertainty and risk
  • Know how to appropriately contribute to inter-agency assessments by gathering and sharing information
  • Be able to document concerns in a manner that is appropriate for adult safeguarding protection and legal processes
  • Know how to undertake documented reviews of your own (and/or team) adult safeguarding, as appropriate to role

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