Oral Health in Care

50 min course

Course Description

Sore tooth or yellow teeth? Need a filling and unsure of the options available? Or maybe you want to know what warrants good oral health and what counts as bad? These are all the types of questions we hope to answer in this training course around oral health. This course will provide you with a deeper understanding of what oral health is and will demonstrate good oral health practices. Also, we hope to help you understand how this may impact you throughout your work and explain your responsibilities when providing care.

Key objectives:

  • Know what is meant by oral health
  • Understand what good & bad oral health looks like
  • Be aware of the policies & guidelines
  • Be able to identify the issues that can arise from poor oral health
  • Understand your responsibilities in a care environment
  • Know the different methods of treating and managing bad oral health
  • Be able to follow the guidelines when dealing with complex needs

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