Motor Neurone Disease

45 min course

Course Description

Motor neurone disease is a rare degenerative condition that affects an individual’s mind and body. Despite its rarity, it’s estimated up to 5000 people may be living with in the UK at any given time. Take this course to find out more! Motor neurone disease (MND) is an uncommon condition that typically affects the brain and nervous system. It’s also a lifelong condition that typically gets worse with age. Throughout this training, we’ll cover the critical information to help prepare you on how to support motor neurone disease in either the workplace or home.

Key objectives:

  • Be able to describe what MND is, who it affects and what the common symptoms are
  • Understand the potential impacts on mental health and the importance of the Mental Health Act 2005
  • Know the journey from cause, to diagnosis, the different stages of MND, and what’s affected
  • Recognise that there is no cure, but there are medications to help
  • Understand the required actions when an individual with MND comes into care
  • Acknowledge the importance of a care plan and a crisis prevention plan
  • Be aware of the different equipment and living adaptations that may be required
  • Know the different parts of life an individual with MND needs support with
  • Recognise the importance of ongoing support, both physical and mental
  • Be able to describe the different types of support available and the role of MDT

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