Monkeypox Awareness

13 min course

Course Description

Over the past few years, words like virus and pandemic have been in the news and something that by now, we’re all familiar with, however, Monkeypox is now another word that we’re hearing or seeing in the news. This course aims to provide you with the basic knowledge of what it is, what it looks like, and how to deal with it if encountered so that you can be confident in your role and help spread the correct awareness. Monkeypox is a virus which is mainly contained to Western and Central Africa, however, there have been some recent cases throughout the globe. This course will provide you with all the knowledge you may need to deal with it safely and appropriately if you encounter it.

Key objectives:

  • Understand what Monkeypox is and where it originated
  • Know the different symptoms
  • Be aware of the types of transmission
  • Know how to get diagnosed and possible treatments
  • Be aware of the appropriate and minimum PPE

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