The Mental Capacity Act

30 min course

Course Description

This Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom applies to England and Wales, with the aim of protecting individuals and their rights. It makes sure that any individuals who are unable to make choices for themselves are appropriately protected, supported and empowered.

Key objectives:

  • Be aware of what mental capacity is, how the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) relates to it and who the act concerns.
  • Be familiar with the five core principles of the MCA.
  • Know how and when to assess an individual’s mental capacity.
  • Understand how to assess an individual’s best interests.
  • Be able to explain how individuals can make plans in advance to protect their wishes and decisions should they be unable to make them themselves in the future.
  • Know the role and powers of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and the Court of Protection.
  • Understand the role of Independent Mental Capacity Advocates (IMCAs) in making decisions on behalf of an individual who lacks capacity.

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