Infection Control Level 2

45 min course

Course Description

Stay safe, stay healthy: Empowering you with infection prevention and control knowledge in the UK. Effective infection prevention and control is an essential part of a quality health and social care service. Not only does this protect individuals, but also the staff, as well as the general public. When every member of healthcare staff takes responsibility, the spread of some infections can be reduced. It is within of our Duty of Care.

Key objectives:

  • Infection control is a mandatory training course for all staff that directly support vulnerable individuals and should be completed before supporting any individual in
  • a professional capacity.
  • This training applies to all health and social care workers that work in settings such as Care Homes, Hospital Wards, Day Centres, or supporting an individual in
  • their own home.
  • It is designed to give social care workers the underpinning knowledge and requirements needed when working in a professional setting and also includes
  • information and resources for coronavirus: COVID-19.

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