Fire Safety in Care

40 min course

Course Description

Care environments present unique challenges which we may not be exposed to in other settings and professions, for example individuals being bed-bound or less mobile. Therefore, the consequences of getting fire safety wrong has a higher risk of a tragic outcome. Fire safety is no small matter. National statistics and industry data reveals the true cost of fire to be roughly 275 fatalities and over 192,000 fire & rescue callouts each year. The consequences of getting it wrong can be life changing, so this course is designed to provide you with the awareness needed to keep you and others safe in your workplace.

Key objectives:

  • Know how fires can start and understand the Fire Triangle.
  • Understand the four stages of fire.
  • Be aware of the environmental and personal fire risk factors.
  • Be able to explain the three ways in which fires can spread.
  • Know the law & Legislation that covers fire safety in a variety of care settings.
  • Be aware of the sources of fire and what you can do to prevent them.
  • Know how to detect and respond to a fire in your workplace.
  • Be aware of the different types of firefighting equipment.

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