Dystonia Awareness

60 min course

Course Description

Dystonia is a movement condition that’s estimated to affect at least 100,000 people in the UK alone. However, it’s something most people know very little about. Take this course to learn all you’ll need to know regarding this illusive condition. In this course, we’ll provide you with an in depth overview of what dystonia is, as well as its symptoms and treatments. By the end of this training, you should be confident in managing and supporting an individual living with this condition.

Key objectives:

  • Understand what dystonia is, the different types/classifications and diagnosis
  • Know the symptoms of dystonia and be able to differentiate them from similar conditions
  • Be aware of the causes for dystonia and differences between dystonia in children and adults
  • Know the different treatment options available
  • Understand triggers for dystonic episodes and how these can be managed and prevented
  • Be aware of the dystonia severity action plan and client specific dystonia management protocols
  • Know what status dystonicus is and possible triggers

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