Down’s Syndrome Awareness

60 min course

Course Description

Helping us to better understand and support individuals with Down’s syndrome​. This course will present an up-to-date understanding of Down’s Syndrome and the specific areas that we, as care professionals, should be aware of. There is still a lot of outdated and inaccurate information with preconceived ideas relating to individuals with Down’s Syndrome. However, there have also been changes in the law, increased inclusion, and greater visibility. We will also look at these developments as well as preferred language, communication, related health issues, and person centred care.

Key objectives:

  • Understand what Down’s syndrome is
  • Understand the importance of language
  • Understand the uniqueness of Down’s syndrome
  • Identify truths and reject myths
  • Understand health issues
  • Identify the importance of annual checkups
  • Understand learning disabilities
  • Understand the role of the Oliver McGowen training
  • Understand considerations for adults with Down’s syndrome
  • Identify support groups and legal protection

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