Continence Care Awareness

80 min course

Course Description

Incontinence can cause a lot of distress. We will help you understand all aspects of continence health and suggest ways to support an individual with dignity and respect. This continence care awareness course will provide an overall understanding of continence health. We will look at how incontinence can affect individuals and will offer some information about treatments as well as the importance of care plans. hygiene, and support.

Key objectives:

  • Understand what incontinence is and the different types
  • Describe how the bladder and bowel work
  • Understand how to maintain a healthy bladder and bowel
  • Understand the limitations incontinence can bring to life
  • Explain how a catheter works
  • Understand the differences between Colostomy, Ileostomy and Urostomy
  • Identify issues with an individuals continence
  • Effectively assist an individual to write a bowel / bladder diary
  • Understand the hygiene aspects of supporting an individual with incontinence
  • Discuss care plans and why they will depend on the individual and their specific needs.

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