Behaviours of Concern 360 Video

15 min course

Course Description

It can be difficult to understand why an individual is behaving in a way that you would not expect. Put yourself in their shoes with this immersive video, showing you how changes in tone of voice and body language can have a big impact on others. This 360 video is an immersive experience putting you in a scenario where an individual’s anxiety is being triggered and therefore his behaviours of concern are escalating. You will experience the scene from a fly on the wall perspective and from the point of view of the service user themselves, to really show how things like body language and tone of voice can make a big difference to an individual who is experiencing anxiety. The learning outcome of this video is to highlight the importance of tone of voice and body language when looking to avoid escalating behaviours of concern. Providing this in a format that will show how it could feel to be on each side of the scenario. The video can be viewed on a mobile phone, laptop/PC or in a VR headset.

Key objectives:

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