Healthcare training is broken – here’s how we can fix it

A photo of healthcare professionals walking down a corridor

The latest findings from our “Prescription for Change” research report reveal the impact that inadequate training is having on care staff and their recipients, and the need for more innovative solutions. 

Poor training impacts patients

Graph showing the top issues caused by inadequate training

Twenty-eight percent of nurses and care workers in the UK report that inadequate training has led to delays in life-saving treatment for patients, according to FuturU’s study of 500 nurses and care professionals. In addition, 36% acknowledge that training shortfalls have put patient lives at risk. 

Nursing and care work are among the few professions where the lives of individuals are directly entrusted to the hands of practitioners. Inadequate or subpar training in these fields can have major consequences – and unfortunately these already occur on a regular basis. According to our research, four in ten (40%) nurses and carers said that in the past six months, poor training had frequently had a negative impact on patient outcomes. 

Staff wellbeing also suffers

Graph showing the impact not having skills can have on doing your job well

Unfortunately, inadequate workplace training is also impacting staff wellbeing too, with 33% of respondents saying that staff morale has been low as a result. Meanwhile collaboration between staff members has also been affected, according to 34% of those surveyed.

Mental health is one of the most pressing challenges currently faced by the health and social care sector as a whole. According to NHS Digital, mental ill health accounts for over 25% of sickness absence in the NHS. In 2022, councils in England lost over 500,000 working days to mental ill health and stress among care workers. 

At FuturU, we’re supporting the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals through our range of interactive wellness courses and webinars, led by globally renowned inner wellness coach Suhail Mirza.

Learn more about how we can support your team’s wellbeing

The fix? Technology-led learning experiences

FuturU is aiming to tackle subpar training by creating technology-led learning experiences that mimic real-life scenarios and build the user’s practical skills. 

We’re also democratising access to this training, by offering it for free to nurses and care professionals via our app. So far, more than 70,000 healthcare professionals have downloaded our app and completed courses in everything from moving and handling to dementia awareness. 

Commenting on the research findings, Michael Manuccia, CEO at FuturU, said:

“It’s disappointing to hear that nurses and care workers are regularly experiencing workplace situations where they feel unprepared to support patients or care recipients. 

“This only emphasises the importance of investing in high-quality training experiences that prepare them for the reality of their role. We know that on the job training is one of the best ways for people to learn, but it can be hard to access and is not very scalable. New advancements in technology are making it possible to recreate this training in virtual environments, directly from the devices people use everyday, and at a fraction of the cost.” 

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