‘FuturU has given me confidence’: Kanayo’s story

A photo of Kanayo with a FuturU logo overlay


We spoke to Kanayo, 42, a healthcare assistant and live-in carer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Kanayo has been working as a carer since she moved to the UK from Nigeria in 2021. She has been using FuturU’s platform for nearly a year to gain new skills. In this interview, she talks about what sets FuturU apart from other training providers. 

Can you tell us more about what you do?

I currently work for a specialist homecare provider in Edinburgh and take on agency shifts with Newcross Healthcare when I have time. I mostly support people with learning disabilities, autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, as well as those with physical challenges. The work is really varied and my tasks include meal preparation, household chores, administering medication, providing companionship and general emotional support. I’ve been working in health and social care for almost two years, ever since I moved to the UK. Before that, I spent nine years working in airline security and customer service in Nigeria.

How long have you been using FuturU for your training?

I have been using FuturU for the past 11 months. I use it monthly to keep my courses up-to-date, especially when I receive notifications about my certificates expiring. It’s been invaluable for refreshing my memory on things and exploring additional courses in health and social care. 

How has FuturU impacted your skills and confidence?

FuturU has been so helpful in building my skills, experience and confidence with my day-to-day role. I’ve learnt a lot about communication, manual handling and medication management, as well as how to support people with dementia. The courses are all fantastic, but my favourites so far are learning disabilities and autism awareness, infection prevention and control and the GDPR training. The course content is also really practical, and it’s easy to apply what you learn in practice. 

Why is free training so important to you?

I feel like healthcare training should be free. In the past, I’ve had to pay anywhere from £3 to £29 per training course in areas like first aid, food and safety and manual handling. I calculated what it was going to cost to renew all my certificates and I realised that I could no longer afford it. 

So when I discovered FuturU’s free training, this was a much more convenient option for me. With FuturU, I can renew all my certificates while also completing other training courses and gain new skills in the process. I like that the training is unlimited with FuturU and that you’re not restricted with what you’re learning. 

How does FuturU’s platform compare to others you've used?

I’ve had issues with other platforms, where links would keep refreshing or you couldn’t access the course you needed, causing delays. With FuturU, once I log in, I get exactly what I need without any network issues. 

A lot of other online learning is text based but I learn better through audio, so it’s great that FuturU has this as an option. Their content is similar to face-to-face training. It’s like being in a classroom, watching the lecturer in videos and audio, making it easy to understand and access. The format is interesting and sets FuturU apart from others.

Would you recommend FuturU to others?

I often recommend FuturU to my colleagues and friends. It’s an amazing site to use for e-learning in the care sector. The courses are easy to access, the learning itself is simple and easy to understand and it’s a great way to refresh your knowledge and skills. FuturU is a great platform that gives you full confidence in your daily activities. But the best part is it’s free! 

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