Care Certificate: Introducing our characters

A group photo of FuturU’s collection of characters who’ll be guiding learners through the new Care Certificate qualification

We take an innovative story-led approach to all of the online training we develop – it’s more engaging, and has been proven to enhance comprehension and knowledge retention. 

The new Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate is no exception. And in today’s article we introduce you to the characters you’ll meet as you work your way through the Care Certificate standards and prepare yourself for assessment. From Major Bingley and his sister Elsie, through to Fiona and her two children, Izzy and Ben, get to know our collection of colourful characters a little better – they look forward to meeting you properly soon!

Your guides


A headshot of Ramin

Ramin will guide you through the Care Certificate standards, and support you as you meet and care for the different characters you encounter along the way.

Ramin’s a font of knowledge, on hand to share additional information as and when you need it. 

Fun fact:

Ramin loves a sweet treat with his tea, and is often found with a plate of doughnuts!

Nurse Vicki

A headshot of Nurse Vicki

Nurse Vicki works alongside Ramin, and will be working shadow shifts with you to ensure you’re ready for your knowledge checks. 

Nurse Vicki will work with you to improve your knowledge on the Care Certificate standards, and help prepare you for your assessments.

Fun fact:

While Nurse Vicki isn’t quite as excited about sweet treats as Ramin, she is rather partial to a cheese snack.

Individuals you’ll care for


A headshot of Kesia

Kesia is in her 20s, and recently moved into her own ground floor flat. She’s very independent, but does require some assistance with her personal care and uses an electric wheelchair to get around. That’s because Kesia has Paraplegia due to having Spina Bifida from birth. 

Fun fact:

Kesia has an active social life and a keen interest in fashion! She loves to plan her outfits and hairstyles for the day.


Ali lives full time at Southby Care Home. Due to complications during birth, Ali has Cerebral Palsy and a moderate learning disability. Ali’s Cerebral Palsy can cause him to have difficulties with his movement, speech and eyesight. His learning disability means that new information is difficult to process.

Fun fact:

Ali loves to get involved in the activities available at the care home, including the music and craft classes. He also runs a gardening group, and helps to arrange outings to beautiful gardens in the local area.

Major Bingley

A headshot of Major Bingley

Brian (or Major Bingley as he prefers to be known) is a smart dresser, and will often be found wearing his military medals. Major Bingley lives with Dementia and can become confused and refuse his medication. Sometimes, he requires prompts and guidance with washing and dressing, but as a very proud man he wishes to remain as independent as possible. It’s important to respect his wishes while also keeping his health a top priority.

Fun fact:

Major Bingley lives with his sister, Elsie. They like to plan their meals in advance, so they can do a big shop for the week. They also enjoy day trips out and are regulars at the bridge social club.


A headshot of Elsie

Elsie is in her 80s and is Major Bingley’s sister. Major Bingley moved into Elsie’s home a few years ago to assist with her care and help out with basic chores around the house. Elsie remains independent with the use of a wheelchair, but has some mobility issues and can have trouble getting out of bed in the night to use the bathroom. She can also have nutrition and hydration problems as a result of her not liking to drink too much fluid.

Fun fact:

Elsie loves to read the paper with a cup of tea in bed in the morning. 


A headshot of Bashir

Bashir is 17, and was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) with co-occurring Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – this means he’s often hungry and needs to be careful to make healthy food choices.

Bashir’s verbal communication was slow to develop and with Farsi being his first language he’s more comfortable communicating in English using a translation app.

Fun fact:

Bashir is a huge football fan, and since moving to the UK from Iran has become a big supporter of Torquay United. As well as watching football, Bashir enjoys playing the occasional game with friends.


A headshot of Fiona

Fiona is a single mother of two children – Izzy, a spirited teen, and baby Ben. Fiona lives at home and has end-stage Multiple Sclerosis (MS), with end of life support in place. 

Fiona wants to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible, but needs support with daily tasks and to provide a safe and loving home to her children as she gets tired easily.

Fun fact:

Fiona loves listening to Jazz music and playing cards with Izzy.

Learn with FuturU

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