Winter Summit 2024: Catching up on our team culture

A group shot of the FuturU team at our 2024 Winter Summit

During FuturU’s Winter Summit 2024, we caught up with a bunch of the team to find out what attracted them to FuturU, why they love working here and what they’re most excited about.

What excites you most about FuturU?

“We have an exciting opportunity to disrupt the paradigm through which education is accessed and available to healthcare professionals.” – Claudia Luca, director of education 

“What excites me most is the personal mission that we’re on, as well as the learning courses we’re offering for carers, nurses and health workers. Not to mention the technology we’re able to use and the pace of our delivery.” – Andrea Hallewell, QA test engineer 

“We’re working on projects that haven’t really been done before in education, and using the latest technology to do so.” – Elliott Gruzin, data scientist

What do you enjoy most about working at FuturU?

“It’s a complete challenge. We’re using disruptive technology. We’re trying to tackle a huge crisis facing the healthcare sector and change the status quo. It’s really exciting to be there right from the start.” – Andrea Hallewell, QA test engineer 

“We’re ‘in it together’, which is one of the FuturU values that really resonates with me. The team is absolutely fantastic and everyone is well aligned and contributing to the bigger mission of this company.” – Dale Carkeek, Software Engineer

“FuturU is brilliant on so many levels. The team has been working brilliantly together, there are no egos and everyone gets stuck in. The mission of providing free healthcare training is also really powerful and it’s good to be a part of it.” – Chris Harris, sales executive 

Why should someone join FuturU?

“It’s an amazing team. It’s such a warm atmosphere. We’re hard workers, we’re delivering really good solutions and using fantastic, novel technology. It’s a really great atmosphere.” – Andrea Hallewell, QA test engineer 

“If someone’s thinking of joining us, I’d say join! We’ve got a massive year ahead and you’ll get a warm welcome like I’ve had over the past four weeks since joining.” – Chris Harris, sales executive 

“If you’re the type of person who is eager to disrupt the industry for the better, you’ll thrive here. Or if you have relatives who have been on the receiving end of care, you’ll always value those who are providing the care themselves.” – Dale Carkeek, software engineer


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Thinking of joining us? You can keep an eye on our open roles here. 

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