Faces of FuturU – Assia Cheurfi, Software Engineer

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Faces of FuturU is a story series about our incredible team. We explore their motivations for joining, delve into the experiences they bring with them and understand a little more about what brings them joy at work. 

Assia Cheurfi is a Software Engineer at FuturU, modernising the way that assessments are being carried out through the use of technology. 

What initially attracted you to FuturU?

What initially attracted me to FuturU was that my values closely align with the company’s values and their mission. I highly value the work of people in the healthcare sector and have quite a personal relationship with it, as my sister and both of my parents are dedicated social care workers. From this, I’ve seen first hand the struggles but also the joys of caring for other people. So, the opportunity to be part of a team working to revolutionise the sector and improve conditions for countless individuals resonated strongly with me.

What particularly excited you about the future of FuturU?

As we’re already moving ahead quickly, what excites me about the future of FuturU is seeing the progression and intermediate results of our ongoing projects. Additionally, I’m eager to receive feedback from our learners, who’s lives we are directly impacting. I would say I’m most excited by the anticipation of what’s to come as we see more and more projects ‘come to life’.

What about FuturU brings you joy?

At FuturU, my joy stems from multiple sources. Firstly, it’s the privilege of getting to know and working alongside my colleagues. It’s inspiring to work with people who are so incredibly open-minded, intelligent and driven. It seems like everyone here aligns with the FuturU values in some way, and that feels quite motivating in itself. 

Secondly, knowing that our work is purpose-driven and has the potential to improve the lives of others is extremely rewarding. Making a positive impact gives a sense of fulfilment that is a precious and unique aspect of working at FuturU.

What’s been your biggest learning moment since joining FuturU?

There’s not been a single biggest learning moment, but more like an accumulation of several seemingly small but valuable moments. From understanding each other’s communication styles, to mastering the tools and technologies we use, everyday has been a learning opportunity.  Additionally, staying ahead of the latest development within the healthcare sector here in the UK has been a significant learning curve. It’s a continuous process of growth and adaptation. 

Have you ever worked in healthcare prior to FuturU?

Before FuturU, I did not have direct experience in the healthcare sector. However, my family’s ties have kept me aligned closely with the field. So it feels good that I’m in the same area more or less, even whilst I’m doing something more technical. It makes me feel connected to them in a way. 

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