Faces of FuturU – Ant Rich, Learning Platform Manager

Faces of FuturU is a story series about our incredible team. We explore their motivations for joining, delve into the experiences they bring with them and understand a little more about what brings them joy at work. 

Ant Rich is Learning Platform Manager at FuturU, responsible for keeping our learners and customers happy throughout their learning journey. 

Can you tell us a bit about your role at FuturU?

My main role is to look after the learning management system that all our lovely learners and clients can log into and complete learning. I also support our learners with any technology issues and help them complete courses, providing general support for any questions they might have.

What initially attracted you to FuturU?

I’ve been with FuturU since the very beginning. What initially drew me in was the mission of providing universal access to free health education, which ultimately benefits everyone – from the people delivering care to the people receiving it. The company values of “always learning” and “in it together” also resonated with me.

What excites you about the future of FuturU?

FuturU is completely disrupting how people view learning, which is really exciting. We’re also exploring how different technologies like immersive VR and AI could transform learning experiences, which could be a  game-changer. In terms of my role, the most exciting part is that we’re building the learning platform from the ground up – it’s completely new and there’s nothing else like it on the market. 

What brings you joy working at FuturU?

I really enjoy working with a diverse range of people. I’ve never worked in a startup before, but we work really collaboratively across different teams and the lack of silos is refreshing. Everyone is friendly and super smart, and that creates a great working environment. The camaraderie and shared belief in FuturU’s mission are truly special.

What has been your biggest learning moment since joining FuturU?

My biggest learning moment is realising how quickly we are moving. We’re not afraid to try different technologies and be at the forefront of innovation. The culture of learning together and valuing everyone’s input is hugely important. 

Have you ever worked in healthcare prior to FuturU?

I’ve worked in healthcare but not as a healthcare worker. Before joining FuturU, I spent several years at Newcross Healthcare as a learning platform specialist. But what I love the most is speaking to healthcare workers and realising how inspiring they are. They might not get paid the most, but their passion for making a difference is truly amazing.

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